Story about legendary intelligence agent!

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Principal Photography of New 12-Episode Project "Sorge" by Star Media Continuing

 With Aleksandr Domogarov, Viktoria Isakova, Yulia Aug, Andrey Rudensky and Others Featured


The project features the dramatic life of Richard Sorge, a legendary intelligence agent and Hero of the Soviet Union. Special attention is paid to the period of Sorge’s work as journalist at the German Embassy to Japan at the time when he was already resident intelligence agent under the pseudonym "Ramsay", well received in the highest circles and having access to classified information.


He learns about Hitler's plan to attack the Soviet Union and transmits this information to the Centre. However, he cannot tell the exact date of the attack and his words are not considered. Ignoring the rules of secrecy and exposing himself to mortal danger, he sends one radio message after another but is not believed and immediately becomes a persona non grata with the Directorate because of his persistence.


Back in 1915 - 1917's, when Sorge participated in World War 1, he formed his attitude towards war as horror that should never happen again. "World War... had a profound influence on me for all my lifetime", Sorge wrote.


The project is a biopic (biographical drama) and is based on the true events and archival documents that undergone artistic interpretation. The project is not a documentary but, done in consultation with the veterans of intelligence and historians, it recreates as accurately as possible the life of Sorge himself and the World War 2 era, with all the costumes and details of everyday life of the time.


The project is about the great feat, mean betrayal, loyalty to the people and the country, all-consuming love and faith in the imminent bright future.


There is a whole layer of refined human relations between the characters, that are sometimes destroyed not by themselves. The viewers will see the background of some of the events and how things past long ago can turn over the things in present.


The project is produced in co-operation with the China-based Shanghai Film Group, the largest Chinese film and TV content production corporation. This is Star Media’s first experience of co-production with a Chinese company, for until recently Chinese companies have traditionally purchased the rights to the Star Media’s finished content, being television content and theatrical movies.


The production of the project is implemented in several stages: the first and the third blocks of filming are held in Russia, the second one in China. The post production works are planned to be carried out in Ukraine.


Presently, the filming is being held in China (Shanghai), where the world's only scenery of the pre-war and World War 2 Tokyo is built.


Sergey Ginzburg, director

It is important for us to expose the personality of Richard Sorge, a man in many respects shrouded in many myths and legends. He was through World War 1 and he hated it; he tried to stop the new war by all means available to him. This is the feat of his life. Sorge worked in Japan at the German Embassy and was in the center of all political and military events. Naturally, in addition to peripeteias of the protagonist’s life, we picture the time and the state of the world before World War 2.


Artiom Dollezhal, producer

The project is very versatile and multifaceted due to its unique story. The fact that the storyline is based on the true events, will not leave any viewer indifferent. Once again we have an international team to film the project and again we’ll going to have a difficult language work: our heroes speak Russian, German, and Japanese.


Interesting facts about the project:

- There are Russian, Chinese and Japanese actors filmed on the project. During the filming of the first block in Russia, a few Japanese actors was engaged that were found not only trough casting agencies and database of crowd scene actors, but also at educational institutions. The further work on the project is continued in China and implies engaging a large number of Chinese and Japanese actors for crowd scenes and character roles.

- Shooting in the stages will be held in Russia on the basis of Star Media’s studio.

- In the first block, the most of dialogue was in Russian, so the Japanese actors had to learn the Russian text that was not only written on paper, but also recorded on the voice recorder. And now our (Russian) actors will have to deal with Japanese because the storyline of the project moved to Tokyo.

- The Japanese police uniform was made specially for this project. Japan has always been a fairly isolated country, and only little information about how the police dressed in the late 30's - early 40's survived.

- The characters spend a lot of time in the premises of German Embassy to Japan. The civilian people are dressed in European fashion of those years, and the German military uniform units were selected from Star Media’s own costume stores that have accumulated a lot of them due to the past WW 2 military projects Star Media have produced.

- There are characters of real historical persons on the film story script: Richard Sorge, Joseph Stalin, Lavrentiy Beria, Kliment Voroshilov, Max Clausen, Eugen Ott, Hanako Ishii and others. But there are also generalized fictitious characters, for example, Schlesinger, Helma.

- The characters use cars, all being identical to those used in that historical period of time. They were brought from the MOSFILM garage on special platforms, but in the movie, they move on their own. These cars have drivers and motor mechanics attached to them who can both drive the car (in this case they should wear driver’s uniform), and do repairs in cases of malfunction.

- There are a lot of spectacular and complex stunt scenes in the project; famous stuntman Amur Gamayev supervised their performance in Russia, and there are a local team in charge of their performance in China.


Channel (premiere): Channel One Russia and Inter (Ukraine)
Produced in: Russia, China, Ukraine (co-produced by Star Media and Shanghai Film Group)
Producers: Artiom Dollezhal, Vlad Ryashin
Written by Dmitry Novoselov
Director: Sergey Ginzburg
Director of Photography: Igor Bondarev
Production Designer: Maria Turskaya
Costume Designer: Svetlana Litvinova
Makeup artist: Anastasia Komissarova
Genre: biographical drama
Number of Episodes: 12
Running time: 52 minutes


Cast: Aleksandr Domogarov (Richard Sorge), Viktoria Isakova (Helma Ott), Junsuke Kinoshita (Takagi), Shion Nakamaru (Hanako), Osamu Yamamoto (Osaka), Sergey Ginzburg (Schlesinger), Andrey Leonov (Max Clausen), Yulia Aug (Anna Clausen), Anotoliy Dzivayev (Stalin), Sergey Bagirov (Beria), Vasiliy Mishchenko (Voroshilov), Andrey Rudensky (Ott), Maria Akhmetzianova (young Helma), Kirill Kuznetsov (young Sorge), Anna Bachalova (Patricia), Aleksandr Nikolsky (Helma’s father), Sergey Byzgu (Liushkov), Yevgenia Bordzilovskaya (Helma’s mother), Igor Furmaniuk (Yezhov), Roman Indyk (Bogdan), Anatoly Koteniov (Berzin), Aleksandr Orav (Helma’s brother), Pavel Kapitonov (British attaché), Aleksandr Zuyev (Schildknecht).