Two Films at Once Based on “The Pitchforks”!

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Star Media Will Shoot Two Films at Once

Based on “The Pitchforks” (“Вилы”) by Aleksey Ivanov


Star Media has acquired the firm rights to the story of the Pugachev’s Rebellion by Aleksey Ivanov. A drama series (8 episodes) and a documentary will be produced on the commission by Russia TV Channel. The script for these projects will be written by Aleksey Ivanov.



“The adaptation of a non-fiction book is a unique case. While the script of the documentary film will be written close to the text, Ivanov will have to figure out the series story from scratch, because a series is composed according to different laws of dramatic art. It is planned that the shooting of the documentary will commence this summer. The series script will be completed by the end of 2019. Ivanov has already begun his work,” notes Yulia Zaitseva, producer of Aleksey Ivanov and Director of the July Production Center.


We’d like to remind that this is not the only project Ivanov works on in cooperation with Star Media. The company is already working on the adaptation of his "The Heart of Parma". The shooting will start in a few months. The construction of the scenery is being completed in the Perm Oblast and in the Moscow Oblast of Russia.


Aleksey Ivanov: “I thought my participation in the project dedicated to the uprising of Yemelyan Pugachev would be rather modest: just to write a script for the documentary. However, the guys from Star Media put forth a valid objection: the stories about the Pugachev Rebellion are brilliant material for a drama series. I had been rejecting all proposals of this sort for two years by that time, fearing that a situation similar to the one that happened to the film “Tobol” would occur again, when the filmmakers recomposed my script to absolute unrecognizability. However, I saw Star Media work with “The Heart of Parma” in a manner market leaders are supposed to, and producer Darya Lavrova was strict about the dramatic component, and therefore I agreed to become a screenwriter again. Mutual understanding and professionalism are the main conditions for good work.”


"The Heart of Parma" is directed by Anton Megerdichev. The script for the film was written by Sergey Bodrov, a laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, twice winner of the Nika Prize,  and Ilya Tilkin, winner of the “Modern Play” competition within the II A. Volodin All-Russian Theatrical Festival “Five Evenings”.


The project is produced by Vlad Ryashin, the founder of Star Media Group, the winner of the TEFI Award and the producer of more than 300 films and TV series, and Igor Tolstunov, the founder and the CEO of PROFIT, the winner of the Golden Aries prize, the MPAA prize and the TEFI prize.


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