"Spies Must Die. The Fox Hole"

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Spies Must Die. The Fox Hole

Written by: Vladimir Chebotariov, Igor Shvetsov
Directed by: Aleksandr Daruga
Production designer: Andrey Tolstik
Director of photography: Anatoliy Sakhno

Genre: military detective story
Location: Belarus

Produced by: Star Media
Year of production:

Cast: Pavel Trubiner, Anatoliy Rudenko, Yevgeniy Nikitin, Carl Akhlyaytner, Zhan-Mark Birkhol'ts, Igor' Sigov, Manfred Fau, Veronika Plyashkevich, Ivan Matskewich, Valentina Gartsueva, Oleg Tkachiov


1944. Soviet troops continue their offensive along the frontline while German subversives acting in the Soviet rear, steal documents from a car belonging to a representative of the General Staff of the Red Army.

During his retreat, German Colonel Neuber is taken prisoner while trying to cross the frontline but not before he has hidden the stolen documents in the woods making sure that he is the only one who knows their whereabouts.
The Germans brief another team whose mission is to get Colonel Neuber released and find the missing documents. They successfully penetrate the Soviet rear, but officers from the Soviet counter-intelligence are waiting for them...