"Spies Must Die. Blast Wave"

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Filming of TV Series "Spies Must Die. Blast Wave"   Finished.  Postproduction Phase Started


"Spies Must Die. Blast Wave"


Directed by: Aleksandr Daruga

Written by: Igor Ter-Karapetov

Production designer: Andrey Tolstik

Director of photography: Anatoliy Sakhno

Producers: Artem Dollezhal , Vlad Ryashin

Genre: military detective story

Year of production: 2012

Number of episodes: 4


May, 1943. Major General Pilunochenko, Head of the Chief Counterintelligence Directorate (SMERSH), assigns Nikolai Kovalchuk, a young Lieutenant from State Security, to do a background check on Veniamin Shoublikov, a caretaker at a school who has caught the interest of German Intelligence. Kovalchuk discovers that Shoublikov is a nuclear physicist and former researcher for an Ukrainian Applied Physics Institute. The caretaker was arrested in connection with the saboteur physicists case during the anti-sabotage campaign in the USSR. However, he along with Georg Houtermans, a German physicist arrested for espionage and one of the prisoners condemned under the Kharkov case, managed to escape on their way to the camp.

Soon Intelligence receives information that in view of the threat to the Soviet offensive, the Germans plan to un-install the uranium reactor set up at the Kharkov Applied Physics Institute and take it to Germany.

Kovalchuk suggests a risky plan to Polunochenko – to use Shoubnikov to penetrate the institute in German-occupied territory. Once the Germans transfer the physicist to Germany, SMERSH will receive access to the reactor. A SMERSH officer will take Shoubnikov’s place. However, the planning of the operation takes too long, and when hostility and distrust of Shoubnikov builds, he is denounced as an “enemy of the people”.

At the same time, Georg Houtermans, who agreed to cooperate with the Nazis, arrives in Kharkov to neutralize the uranium reactor. A nuclear reactor controlled by either side is capable of re-writing history. The operation must go ahead immediately.