Star Media Plans Filming “Wilfred”

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Star Media has signed a contract with Renegade Films (Australia), holder of the rights to “Wilfred”, to produce an adaptation of the series for the CIS countries.

Vlad Riashyn, producer and founder of Star Media Group:


“Wilfred is an unusual comedy series, something the CIS viewers have never seen yet. The story is built around a young man courting a young lady,             an owner of a dog called Wilfred. The dog and the young man disliked each other at the very first sight and the strain between them is ever growing from episode to episode. Moreover, the viewers see not a mere dog but a man wearing a dog costume, who not only chases cats and plays dirty tricks in his doggish style, but also smokes and sometimes acts quite ambiguously. All this causes lots of comic situations in the hero’s life and is witnessed by the viewers.

We drew our attention to this format a year ago and at last have finalized a deal of purchasing an option to produce the series for the CIS countries. This is going to be the second adaptation of the famous Australian series (FX channel (USA) produced and broadcast its own version in 2011). Presently, we hold negotiations with Ukrainian and Russian channels and hope to start the production of the series soon. Our version of the series is provisionally titled “Charlie” and we have already begun a casting call for the lead roles. A specially challenging task is to find an actor to play Wilfred, because we’d like to achieve his certain likeness to the dog costumed hero from the original version.”


Series “Wilfred” hit the screens in Australia in 2007. The project was such a success, that SBS released the second season of the series in Australia. In 2011 FX produced a US version of “Wilfred” starring Elijah Wood.


It’s curious to note that Wilfred the dog was played by the same actor, Jason Gann, in both original Australian and US versions of the series. The series’ second season will be released in the US in June 2012 with Robin Williams, Charlie Sheen, Russell Brand and other actors as guest stars.






Who will play Wilfred?