Two-episode movie with elements of paranormal!

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 Star Media Presents New Romantic Comedy "A Destiny for Hire"


The production of a new project by Star Media is under way. “A Destiny for Hire” is a new two-episode movie with elements of paranormal.

Rita (short of Margarita), the main heroine, is in some respect similar to Bridget Jones. She is good-hearted and unable to say no, willing to help anyone and everyone, and these qualities are constantly exploited by her mother, sister, and boyfriend.

Busy about her career, Olga, the sister, leaves her sons in Rita’s care; Vlad, Rita’s boyfriend, constantly borrows money from her and throws her in urgent work he’s been tasked is to do; Nina, Rita’s mother, is entirely absorbed in her "leech business." While Rita herself works as a freelance employee for an advertising agency where Olga occupies the position of creative director, inventing for her new and new "gadgets", with all laurels, of course, being awarded to Olga.

Konstantin (Kostia) Samarin nicknamed "Spike" stands up for his friend and wants Olga to give Rita the right to speak during presentations, however in the public Rita’s voice disappears. Naturally, this is not the only trouble in in Rita’s life...

And while her family accuse her of all mortal sins and shift their own problems to her shoulders, the only true Spike convinces her friend: "Nothing good will happen in your life as long as you serve the interests of others! You need sometimes to be a bitch!"

One day an electric discharge turns Rita into Margo, a young successful woman for whom appearing in public is not a shock, but rather fun.

And a lot of questions to her "new" self arise with Rita immediately: Why do they are conflict with her sister? Why does she wear pricey dresses? Why do glamorous girls begin to treat her as a one of the club?

Gradually, Rita realizes that Margo is her psychophysical opposite. Bitchy Margo has reined everyone around in, including her mother and sister... And Rita becomes scared of her alter ego’s actions...

Will Margo-Rita be able to establish relations with the world and the people? Who will be her assistant? Will she find her Mr. Charming? And most importantly, will she again become the good Margarita she used to be before or retain Margo’s relentlessness?


Oleg Shtrom, director

In "A Destiny for Hire", there is a certain harmony of the complexities and joys. An interesting storyline that will make the viewers both laugh and cry and, probably, will change someone's life for the better.

I am very impressed and pleased by the cast. There is something in the young actors that is necessary for this film: a bit of enthusiasm and hooliganism. This is a bit comedy, a bit farce, a bit bouffe and a bit paranormal.

And in real life, changes actually take place at the click. A person at some point realizes that he/she must finally get up on the right side of the bed and start a new, different life.


Yulia Kokryatskaya (featured as Rita – Margo)

Rita is an inventor. She not only invents but also makes "gadgets" with her own hands. It is a pity that we on the set mostly simulate her tireless activity; it would be interesting for me personally to try and work with the burner and other tools. My grandfather loved making things with his hands, and as a child I, too, knew how to use the chisel and how to hammer nails, and it does not scare me to see a drill or a screwdriver.

My heroine is shaken from one extreme to another. While Rita is of total assistance to anyone but herself and, which is quite logically, is an absolutely unhappy girl, Margo does not care of anybody and builds her life pursuing her own interests only. Somewhere deep in her heart, Rita might want to be like Margo to an extent: we often want things we lack. But when my heroine gets opportunity to have another life, she realizes that nothing good will come of it and starts trying to "fix" the situation.


Aleksandr Pashkov (featured as Konstantin aka Kostia aka Spike)

He is the only "normal" guy in the film. He reacts normally to everything happening to the main heroine, because it does not matter for him whether he sees her as Margo or as Rita: she is the same person for him, whom he loves. And he will always help her. And the change? Everyone undergoes changes as he/she lives.


Liubov Zaytseva (featured as Olga)

Olga is a very lively, energetic, confident young woman with sense of humor. She is a modern girl belonging to that type who believe that there is only one right opinion – her own – and that it is she alone who is normal, wonderful, and doing things right. That I why, everyone around is supposed to help her in everything. She has two sons; she loves them, but always tries to send them in her sister’s care. Well, it’s very convenient. Olga loves his mother, sister and children, but her love is of a special kind: I love myself first, and then, through this love, I love all others.


Oleg Zagorodny (featured as Nikita)

Nikita is a football player: a good and famous one, but... former. He was insincere towards the main heroine and using her from the very beginning.

And we have a bit fairytale-like story: at first, you (Nikita) are cool and Rita makes bids for your sympathy and you twist her round your little finger, and then, everything suddenly changes in life one day, and it is you who are now making bids for her sympathy.

Year of production: 2016

Produced by: Star Media

Producers: Vlad Ryashin

Genre: lyrical comedy

Number of episodes: 2

Countries of production: Russia, Ukraine

Directed by Oleg Shtrom

Director of photography: Oleg Ivanov

Written by Larisa Zholobova

Cast: Yulia Kokryatskaya, Aleksandr Pashkov, Nina Kastorf, Liubov Zaytseva, Ilya Obolonkov, Oleg Zagorodny, Liudmila Nilskaya, Yuri Osipov, Yelena Bushuyeva, Mikhail Bogdasarov and others.