Completing Filming "Polyakova’s Method"!

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 Star Media Completing Filming New 32-Episode Project "Polyakova’s Method ", with Nonna Grishayeva Starring


On-Location shooting has been completed in Odessa, Ukraine; the work continues in the Star Media studios. The production of the project will be held till the end of 2016.


The genre of "Polyakova’s Method" combines two ones, equally popular with audience: melodrama and detective story. The series’ events are focused around Investigator Nadezhda Polyakova (Nonna Grishayeva) and her entire life full of challenge.

She is an ace in her profession, who manages to simultaneously raise three children: Nikita, Veronika and Piotr (Maksim Saprykin, Arina Danilova, Isa Novikov), with the youngest of them being one year old only. Nadezhda can rely on her own only since her husband Sergey Polyakov (Aleksandr Mokhov) left her for a young and unladen beauty Anzhela (Nadezhda Azorkina). Polyakova is valued at work, especially by her new boss Nikolay Kriukov (Igor Lifanov), who, in addition, also sees her as attractive woman. At the same time, her ex-husband gets suddenly suspiciously nervous when she renews her work at the police after the maternity leave. The situation is more spicy and dramatic in the view of the fact that they all work at the same police department. In addition, Svetlana (Yelena Sanayeva), Nadezhda’s mother, comes to help Nadezhda with the household issues and under this disguise she continues teaching her daughter as if she is still a teenage girl, often turning ordinary and routine things into absurd situations...

Solving complicated crimes one after another by using her intuition, raising children, defending her right to be adult,  torn between the two men, Nadezhda takes life optimistically, but only she knows what the price is and how she can stay an irresistible woman while dealing with all these issues.


Production: Star Media

Producers: Vlad Ryashin, Darya Lavrova, Filipp Brusnikin

Written by: N. Glasenko, G. Golovenkin, V. Dement, E. Yeliseyeva, O. Zhabina, S. Ivanov, G. Kondratyev, V. Kukoviakin, A. Lamakin, R. Dement, Duke Mityagov, T. Stolbova, O. Tretyakova, K. Kharlamov, A. Chekhovskaya, L. Shakhanova.

Director: Andrey Marmontov

Director of photography: Evgeniy Koroptsov


Cast: Nonna Grishayeva, Aleksndr Mokhov, Igor Lifanov, Yelena Sanayeva, Galina Petrova, Maksim Saprykin, Arina Danilova, Anton Bogatyriov, Yan Ilves, Nadezhda Azorkina, Leonid Timtsunik and others.