"A Journey to the Center of Soul" is filming!

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Star Media Filming Melodrama About 1990's with A. Robak Starring

Star Media has launched filming a 16-episode melodrama "Journey to the Center of the Soul". The plot revolves around the events happening in the USSR in the 1990’s. Two friends are featured, whose lives are closely interwoven against the backdrop of historical events in the country, the collapse of the Soviet Union. Because of their love for the same man, Rita and Vera turn from the best friends into deadly enemies ready to do anything in order to win their place in the sun and become happy...

The story begins in 1993 and unfolds for four years. A total of 80 shooting shifts are planned to be held within the project, the main locations being in Kiev, Belaya Tserkov and Chernivtsi. Specially for the filming, the filmmakers have built a swamp and a market. There will be many interesting stunt scenes. For instance, in the Rybalsky Island in Kiev, a scene of a fire was filmed some day ago in which one of the main heroines almost died. Actress Anastasia Ivanova refused from being replaced for a stand-in and performed herself a fall from the explosion that happened in an iron carriage. As a result, the shooting of a complex scene took several hours, the real firemen and the ambulance staff were on duty and all along during this time.


Aleksandr Robak, one of the stars ("Life After Life", "Geograf Globe Drunk")

«My hero is a one-woman man, a quite strong and tough person. He raised his daughter whose mother died during childbirth on his own. And this care of his daughter and the desire to see her the best cloud his eyes, so that’s why he sometimes acts not very logical. My hero is an uncompromising businessman who owns a construction company.

I was approved to perform in this project without tests. This is not my first time shooting in Kiev. I love this city. When I have a free days, I take walks along Podol with great pleasure.”


Dmitry Matov, director

“This is a real melodrama, where people’s souls evolve through love and hate. Our heroes are full of serious passions, and they experience real feelings. Our series is about the struggle between good and evil, about how these two forces can coexist in the same person. We sometimes have negative characters doing positive things and vice versa. It is the lives of our two heroines that is the journey to the center of the soul.”


Vlad Ryashin, General Producer at Star Media

«Films about the 1990’s are not only stories about gangsters and their showdowns; for many people they also bring back the memories of their studentship years. The film will be of interest for the adult audience because of the nostalgia for their youth. While younger generation viewers will see what their parents were at their age. I'm sure the project will turn out to be a high-quality and interesting one.”



Production: Star Media

Genre: Melodrama

Producers: Vlad Ryashin, Aleksey Terentyev

Directed by: Dmitry Matov

Director of photography: Sergey Boyko

Production Designer: Sergey Brzhestovsky

Cast: Aleksandr Robak, Andrey Averkov, Maria Bayeva, Anastasia Ivanova, Yekaterina Semionova, Igor Skripko, Artiom Pozniak, Konstantin Koretsky, Daniil Mireshkin, Olga Radchuk et al.