Forum RUSSIA 2012 “Investing in Cinema, TV and New Media”

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On 4 February 2012 Forum RUSSIA 2012 was closed with a special event “Investing in Cinema, TV and New Media” organized by Troika Dialog, Sberbank and Cinemotion.

The professional community held the discussion on the matters relating to the future of filmmaking: the actual business models; the forecasts in the development of the media market, in particular, the prospects of new technology in connection with the growing popularity of new media; influence of new technology on traditional ways of production and delivery of the content; the present day audiences’ demanded heroes and a lot more.

Producer Vlad Riashyn, CEO and founder of Star Media, was among active participants of the event.

Ukraine: Everyone’s Concern” was the slogan of the discussion dedicated to the state policy in supporting the filmmaking and film co-production in Ukraine. The discussion was moderated by Vlad Riashyn. Yekaterina Kopylova, Head of The State Film Agency of Ukraine, Dmirty Kolesnikov, Vice-President of The Ukrainian Producer Association and Denis Rzhavsky, President of The Ukrainian Film Association also participated in the discussion. The participants discussed the Ukrainian laws as amended during the last one and a half year and the goals of the recently founded Ukrainian Film Association. Vlad Riashyn marked out the growing interest in the Ukrainian market and that the Ukrainian market, just as the Ukrainian viewers, are unique in their own way primarily due to the fact that they can easily accept both the Russian content and best international hits. This fact is the cause of many peculiarities in the development of the Ukrainian market and its advantages. The participants also discussed the issue of co-production (with state supported Russian companies in the first place) that is the one of the timeliest ways of the development of the Ukrainian filmmaking presently.  

The second discussion dealt with the issues of formats, in particular the question: “Is Russia able to turn from the world’s biggest format importer into the exporter, and what needs to be dome for that?” Peter Iacono, Managing Director of Lionsgate Television, Ilya Krivnitsky, Creative Producer of Red Square Group, and Timur Vainshtein, General Producer and founder of WeiT Media participated in the discussion along with Vlad Riashyn.

The participants tried to find out the main distinctive features of a format of potential interest for the international market and referred to successful and unsuccessful sales of Russian formats abroad. Vlad Riashyn demonstrated a trailer of Go Dance!, an international version of the new dance show format created by Star Media in co-production with Kvartal-95 and Inter channel, which gave rise to a spirited discussion. The participants acknowledged that such a format might be of great interest for the international community because its concept is fresh and original, and the market has never seen a show of such an epic scale before. The contract entered with American production company MY Tupelo Entertainment and high interest on the side of other countries is the proof, though this can in no way promise success of the format’s adaptations. For now, unfortunately, even the sold Russian formats have not become “breakthroughs” yet. Experts suggested international interest may be attracted to Russia as producer of formats due to an impressive and successful precedent, as well as due to proactive marketing policy in promotion of Russian formats abroad.

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