Hijackers' Code,The

Type: TV series
Genre: criminal drama
Year of production: 2009
Number of episodes: 8
Directed by: Evgeniy Nevskiy
Written by: Marat Tyuleev
Production designer: Anatoliy Vedeneev
Director of photography: Il'ya Melikhov
Music by: Baker St.
Premiere: 14/06/2010 (Russia),16/04/2012, on Inter (Ukraine)
Cast: Aleksandr Golubev, Dar'ya Mel'nikova, Aleksandr Golovin, Vladimir Simonov, Aleksandr Bashirov, Elena Polyakova, Ivan Zhydkov, Sergey Veksler, Andrey Tashkov, Sergey Romanyuk
Aleksandr Volkov works in a garage - an experienced mechanic who devotes all his spare time to cars, but despite his young age, his dream is to start his own business. Unfortunately the car business in his town is controlled by two warring gangs, one led by businessman Idris Dalakov, and the other, by mafia boss and car dealer Vlad Botov. Both men have bribed the local authorities and police officials to ensure their support, so there is no-one to stand in their way.

Vlad Botov approaches Aleksandr with an offer - if Aleksandr helps him in his illegal activities, Vlad will make the boy’s dreams come true. Aleksandr accepts the mafia boss’s proposal, however, when his first carjacking goes wrong, Aleskandr finds himself caught in the middle of an impossible situation, and his determination, skill and quick wittedness are tested to the limit as he struggles to stay alive.