Cold Shores

Type: TV series
Genre: thriller
Year of production: 2019
Number of episodes: 8
Directed by: Sergey Komarov
Written by: Alan Khurumov, Maria Vaksman
Production designer: Grigor Ter-Misropyan
Director of photography: Sergey Komarov
Music by: Vadim Maevskiy
Cast: Kirill Safonov, Ekaterina Vilkova, Aleksandr Gorbatov, Anastasia Mikulchina, Sergey Puskepalis
A rich heiress, Maria Sorokina, goes missing after a quarrel with her husband. Boris Novinsky, head of the police station, entrusts this case to a young detective, yesterday's intern, Alina Novinskaya, his daughter. It turns out that a maniac who strangles and disfigures young women who look like Maria Sorokina operates in the town. The search for Maria brings her husband, Mark, and Alina together.
Seven years later, Alina and Mark have a strong family. But one day, Mark goes on a business trip and meets there a woman who looks like his missing wife, Maria, like two peas in a pod. Mark is unable to master the feelings that have overwhelmed him again and leaves Alina for a woman who so frighteningly resembles his late first wife.
Meanwhile murders of young women are renewed in the town – a mysterious maniac, already forgotten by everyone, goes hunting again. Alina, abandoned by her husband, returns to the police work and the search for a maniac, which leads her to a shocking discovery...