25th Hour, The

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Type: TV series
Genre: crime drama with sci-fi elements
Year of production: 2016
Number of episodes: 12
Directed by: Nikolay Mikhaylov
Written by: Anna Olkhovskaya, Aleksandr Zelenko, Evgeniy Grigorenko, Yaroslav Segal, Yana Dubinyanskaya
Production designer: Aleksandr Zaslavskiy
Director of photography: Vladimir Ivanov
Music by: Timur Polyanskiy
Cast: Tatiana Arntgolts, Anton Khabarov, Aleksandr Kobzar, Taisia Shipilova, Nikolay Ivanov, Zhanna Epple, Nikolay Boklan, Victoria Bilan, Konstantin Samoukov, Elena Stefanskay, Beso Gataev, Anna Kuzina, Aleksandr Jatsko, Igor Khripunov
One day Anna Gromova (Tatiana Arntgolts), a journalist working on the "24 Hours" newspaper, saves the life of the grandson of a mysterious clockmaker. As a reward and a sign of his gratitude, the young man gives her an antique clock that possesses an extraordinary property - it can to take its owner back in time, to a recent past, thus providing an opportunity to change the course of events before they happen. However, the heroine cannot control the movements of time. But when people's lives are in danger, the clock takes Anna farther back, to a time which allows her to avert a looming disaster.