Anna German

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Type: TV series
Genre: drama, biography
Year of production: 2012
Number of episodes: 10
Directed by: Val'demar Kshistek, Aleksandr Timenko
Written by: Alina Semeryakova
Production designers: Aleksandr Kononov, Natalia Kononova
Directors of photography: Andrey Vorobiov, Aleksandr Krishtalovich, Gzhegozh Kendzerski, Pavel Fomintsev
Music by: Daniil Yudelevich
Premiere: 03/09/2012, Perviy (Russia), 09/09/2012, on Inter (Ukraine)
Cast: Joanna Moro, Szymon Sedrowski, Marat Basharov, Maria Poroshina, Ekaterina Vasileva, Konstantin Milovanov, Yulia Rutberg
Anna German was a hugely popular Polish singer whose life was marred by tragedy. Known as the ‘White Angel of Polish Song’, she recorded dozens of albums during her short career and was admired and adored by all Polish people including Pope John Paul II.

She was born in Uzbekistan, USSR on 14 February 1936. She had her first experience of loss when her father was wrongly arrested and sent to a forced labour camp where he was subsequently killed. In 1946 her mother applied for repatriation, and the family moved to Poland. Anna began her music career at Wroclaw University. In 1967, after winning several local song contests, she was invited to perform at the San Remo Music Festival where she was awarded the Audience Choice Award making her an overnight success in Italy.
Tragically her promising career was interrupted by a serious car accident, which disabled her for two years. After a painful period of rehabilitation, she returned to the stage in 1972 with a two-month tour of the Soviet Union where she was invited to perform by acclaimed Soviet film director Yevgeniy Matveyev.
In 1975 she gave birth to her beloved son, Zbigniew and once again disappeared from public view taking time off to look after him. In 1982 Anna was diagnosed with cancer just before embarking on her last tour, this time to Australia. She died on 26 August 1982 aged 46.

Her extraordinary voice and unique interpretation continue to inspire her many fans.