Wayward Children

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Type: TV series
Genre: family saga
Year of production: 2009
Duration: 12x50 minutes
Directed by: Andrey Krasavin
Written by: Elena Tsventukh
Production designer: Aleksandr Zaslavskiy
Director of photography: Igor Primiskiy
Music by: Mikhail Alekseev
Premiere: 22/01/2012 (Russia), 25/10/2009 (Ukraine)
Cast: Viktoria Tolstoganova, Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov, Dmitriy Iosifov, Konstantin Milovanov, Vladislav Abashin, Dmitriy Sharakois, Igor Chernevich, Dmitriy Podnozov, Viktoria Isakova, Elena Panova
The Morozov family lives in a small city, and their story is a sad one. Mother, Maria was orphaned at a young age while her husband Aleksey became an alcoholic after leaving the military following years of service. Their eldest daughter Galina dreamed of being an actress but unfortunately lacked talent and, for the most part, remained unemployed. Her siblings fared somewhat better with the youngest sister, Lidiya studying business before going into politics. Taras, their younger brother became a boxer and, after making a lot of money, bought a yacht in the Mediterranean.

Sadly, however, none of the children found fulfillment in their private lives. With a string of unsuccessful relationships and broken engagements, marriage eluded them all. Taras found true love only to be killed soon afterwards in a fight, after which his father, Aleksey took his own life. This family saga, spanning more than twenty years, ultimately ends in further tragedy.