Brother for Brother 3

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Type: TV series
Genre: criminal drama, action
Year of production: 2013
Number of episodes: 30
Directed by: Oleg Turanskiy, Oleg Filipenko
Written by: Andrey Tumarkin (idea), Igor Ter-Karapetov, Mikhail Kolodinskiy
Production designer: Mikhail Shevchenko
Directors of photography: Sergey Boyko, Sergey Ryabets
Music by: Vladimir Kripak
Cast: Yaroslav Boyko, Egor Kleymionov, Vladimir Steklov, Farkhad Makhmudov
A year has passed since gangsters shot at Police Captain Igor Svetlov and his friends and blew up Sergey Kravchuk’s car killing Igor’s fiancée Nika. And still the killers have not been found…
While Svetlov survives his injuries and remains with the police force, becoming Head of the Criminal Investigation Department, the tragedy takes an emotional toll on him. Retreating into himself, Svetlov becomes more despondent, openly admitting that the fight against crime is futile. He thinks more often about retiring and leaving the town, which holds so many painful memories for him. But before he can move on, he has promised himself that he needs to make right the events from a year ago and bring the murderers to justice.
Meanwhile, Kravchuk, who has returned to Harlem after having several major operations abroad, shares his goal. But while Svetlov has to pursue his investigation within the confines of the law, Kravchuk has no such constraints and will take all measures, however extreme, to punish his daughter’s killers.
As they gather information, Svetlov and Kravchuk begin to close in on the killers, but both soon realize that the real enemy is much closer than they could ever have anticipated…