Thank You for Everything 3

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Type: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2010
Duration: 12x45 minutes
Directed by: Vladimir Balkashinov
Written by: Aleksandr Scherbakov
Production designer: Petr Koryagin
Director of photography: Viktor Lysak
Composers: Pavel Krakhmalov, Igor' Mel'nichyuk
Producers: Viktor Prikhod'ko , Vlad Riashyn
Cast: Daniil Belykh, Natalia Soldatova, Aleksandr Pashkov, Sergey Romanyuk, Tatyana Nazarova, Irina Miroshnichenko, Vitaliy Kudryavtsev, Yan Tsapik, Stanislav Boklan, Olga Volkova, Alla Maslennikova, Aleksey Shevchenkov
Alik, the hero of our story, feels sympathy for Ania. On getting to know she is having troubles in private life, he tries to help her, but suddenly finds out she has disappeared and probably died under strange circumstances.
Alik takes Ania’s baby to care of. The child means to him a memory of the dead girl.
Soon he realizes that the child is sought for: on analyzing the events of the last days, Alik comes to the conclusion that Ania is alive.
Ania’s mother suddenly emerges. She is no poor provincial, as one could think, but a well-to-do and self-reliant lady. Something in her behaviour makes Alik alert.
Yes, Ania is alive. She is in a remote place, far from the city, being held hostage. Ania tries to escape or at least let know about where she’s been kept, but in vain.
Alik manages to look into this story, find out reasons of what had happened and save Ania.
It was Ania’s mother who was the paymaster and organizer of the crimes. And the struggle for legacy is the reason behind them. She needed to keep her daughter away from the city for the time she needed to settle the issue to her benefit.
Now Alik and Ania can be together again.