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Type: TV series
Genre: action
Year of production: 2014
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Vladimir Ivanov
Written by: Kirill Kharlamov, Anastasiy Chekhovskay
Production designer: Anatoliy Pidoprigora
Director of photography: Maksim Volokh
Music by: Vladimir Kripak
Cast: Egor Kleymionov, Yaroslav Boyko, Farkhad Makhmudov, Aleksey Buldakov, Sergey Den'ga, Anatoliy Zinovenko Olesya Zhurakovskay
The District Department of Internal Affairs has to use all its resources when it is forced into a struggle against an organised crime group in the Russian Far East. Gang courier, Veniamin is transporting stolen drugs to a buyer when he decides to appropriate the goods for himself. Naturally, the gangsters come looking for him, and, seeking refuge, Veniamin arrives at the house of a former girlfriend, who turns out to be the mother of leading police officer, Gorchakov.

Later when Gorchakov visits his mother and finds Veniamin there, he learns, to his amazement, that the crook is his father. As problems arise at work, and the gangsters pursue father and son, Gorchakov’s colleagues put both men under surveillance. Desperate, Veniamin tries to blackmail his son through his girlfriend, and when the police finally catch up with him, Veniamin claims that he is Gorchakov’s agent for the gang. Gorchakov is left with a lot of explaining to do.

Gorkachov never wishes to see his father again, and while Veniamin promises never to intrude on his or his mother’s life, he still hopes that his son will call him some day.