Expect the Unexpected

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Type: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2007
Duration: 8x45 minutes
Directed by: Tatyana Magar
Written by: Natalia Koinova
Production designer: Sergey Kushnir
Directors of photography: Mikhail Muratkin, Vasiliy Borodin
Music by: Yuriy Saenko
Premiere: 21/05/2007 (Russia), 27/08/2007 (Ukraine)
Cast: Igor Petrenko, Aleksandr Lazarev, Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Bogdan Benyuk, Natalia Sumskaya, Svetlana Timofeeva-Letunovskaya
In a health resort located in a picturesque area in the Carpathian mountains, a disparate group of people from various backgrounds come together. Formerly citizens of the same country, they are now citizens of the new ex-Soviet republics - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc.

They have escaped from their sultry cities and their ‘inner circles’ for a while, and there in the mountains among the local people, whose calm and unpressured lifestyle is in stark contrast to their own, they begin to analyze their lives and examine their problems from a fresh perspective. There are moments of realisation, but not for everybody. Some have come to the resort to simply improve their health – others are looking for adventure or love.

And what about love? Love is the protagonist in this series – and love knows no boundaries. It does not need a passport and is indifferent to nationality. The story starts in a train compartment where a man meets a woman under embarrassing circumstances. A casual encounter? Maybe, but ask your friend where he met his wife!