Masha's Law

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Type: TV series
Genre: lyrical comedy
Year of production: 2012
Number of episodes: 16
Directed by: Vitaliy Pavlov
Written by: Vitaliy Pavlov, Anna Anosova, Larisa Leonenko
Production designer: Vadim Afanas'ev
Director of photography: Nikolay Nemolyaev
Music by: Uilgus James Vincent
Cast: Irina Pegova, Dmitriy Frid, Victoria Bogatyriova, Vasily Bochkariov, Anna Antonova, Mikhail Schults, Yuriy Sazonov
Thirty-something Masha has been working as a hairdresser for over ten years. Although her appearance is nothing special, and her personal life, at best, is mediocre, she is driven by a powerful ambition to succeed. She puts herself through law school, and years of hard work pay off when she is finally awarded her diploma. After applying unsuccessfully for jobs in a number of law firms, Masha decides to set up her own agency. She rents some floor space in a shopping mall and establishes her mobile office. Everything is possible, she believes, if you are hard-working, enthusiastic and believe in justice. With one table and two chairs and a sign over the door saying “Maria Pirogova, Legal Advice”, cases and clients soon come knocking…