Mentalist, The

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Type: TV series
Genre: drama, detective
Year of production: 2018
Number of episodes: 16
Directed by: Aleksey Muradov
Written by: Arkadiy Vysotsky
Production designers: Yekaterina Tatarskaya, Andrey Bendiuk
Director of photography: Robert Filatov
Cast: Yehezkel Lazarov, Anastasia Mikulchina, Igor Orobey, Nodar Siradze, Valeria Burduzha, Aleksandr Mokhov, Andrey Rudensky, Irina Nesterenko
The series features a charismatic 42-year-old Daniil Romanov (Yehezkel Lazarov, "Mata Hari"), advisor to the Special Crime Investigation Department. Daniil is an excellent mentalist, psychology practitioner and manipulator, who once pretended to be a psychic and clairvoyant capable of reading other people’s minds. He has a quick mind, extraordinary powers of observation, hypnosis and suggestion. He is also a man of many secrets that are gradually revealed as the series unfolds. Daniil is far from being an angel, and he himself admits to having performed many dubious things for personal gain during his life.
Frequently appearing on television shows demonstrating his amazing abilities, he has gained wide recognition and made a fortune.
However, things changed when our hero gave a demeaning description of a dangerous maniac nicknamed Demon in another TV show. In revenge, the criminal killed Daniil’s wife and their little daughter. Daniil blames himself for this and is dealing with the tragedy with difficulty. Gradually, however, a feeling of personal revenge helps to bring him out of a deep depression. From now on, his aim is the capture and death of the insidious and brutal Demon.
Thus Daniil becomes attached to one of the operating teams at the Crime Investigation Department as an independent consultant, whose task is to create the psychological profiles of criminals. But his involvement in solving crimes is not strictly limited to this...