Half Seas Over

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Type: TV series
Genre: comedy
Year of production: 2013
Number of episodes: 64
Directed by: Andrey Ushatinskiy, Vyacheslav Lavrov, Boris Rabey
Written by: Aleksey Efimov, Olga Zhabina, Marina Koshkina, Elena Kalinina, Andrey Ushatinskiy, Andrey Shal'opa
Production designer: Grigoriy Ter-Mesropyun
Director of photography: Vitaliy Abramov
Music by: Oleg Plyasunov
Cast: Daria Feklenko, Sergey Koleshnya, Polina Ganshina, Sergey Pioro, Boris Shuvalov
After a long stint as a ship's cook, Lyuba Petukhova decides to leave her job and return to her house in a seaside town. Her brother, Vasiliy, his wife Kapitolina and their three children, who live in the house, are less than happy to see her back. Having become used to Lyuba's frequent absences, they try to persuade her to return to sea. However, Lyuba has decided to stay put, and, realising that the household lacks a firm and careful hand, she decides to help her brother’s family by organizing their daily life as well as improving their relationships with one another. In fact, Lyuba supports and guides them so skillfully, that no one seems aware of her influence. As family life begins to improve, Lyuba finds herself with two admirers, Dmitriy and Boris, both of whom are ready to marry her anytime, if only she agreed. But while both men are kind and genuine, Lyuba has someone altogether different in mind…