Nano Love

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Type: TV series
Genre: dramedy with elements of science fiction
Year of production: 2010
Number of episodes: 40
Directed by: Andrey Kuznetsov, Maria Kolokolova, Igor Voytulevich
Written by: Andrey Galanov, Maksim Belozor
Production designers: Ekaterina Kovyneva, German Zaryan
Directors of photography: Grigoriy Rudakova, Kirill Speranskiy
Music by: Sergey Koval'skiy
Producers: , Vlad Riashyn , , Vyacheslav Murugov
Premiere: 25/10/2010 (Russia), 14/02/2011 (Ukraine)
Cast: Vera Bakhankova, Luba Bakhankova, Stas Bondarenko, Aleksandr Rappoport, Sergey Sosnovskiy, Rostislav Lavrent'ev, Andrey Il'in, Irina Tsyvina, Dmitriy Pavlenko
19 year-old Nina is in for a surprise when she comes face to face with her ‘twin’ Nano. Nina’s double actually turns out to be a unique robot that has escaped from a secret laboratory. Scientists have spent years developing her and her exceptional abilities – she can run very fast, change the sound of her voice and the colour of her hair, she can live without food, sleep and water, hide, fight and absorb information instantly and most importantly, she can read people’s thoughts. But there is one thing Nano cannot do and that is to fall in love. So, Nina and Nano swap roles……

While Nano takes Nina’s exams at the university, wins her a prize in the beauty contest and helps all her friends, Nina teaches her about human feelings, and Nano finds love with Artem, a student in her year. However, Nano’s whereabouts have been discovered by a group of scientists who are determined to destroy the disobedient android and use her for their own criminal purposes…