Closer (Year 4), The

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Type: TV series
Genre: detective
Year of production: 2020
Number of episodes: 16
Directed by: Andrey Golovkov
Written by: Yusup Razykov, Vladimir Arkusha, Sergey Stepanov, Denis Chervyakov, Sergey Ivanov, Mikhail Bobrovnik, Renat Khairullin
Production designer: Grigor Ter-Mesropya
Director of photography: Sergey Blednov
Cast: Anna Banschikova, Aleksandr Makogon, Dmitriy Miller, Vladislav Pavlov, Eduard Chekmazov, Vladimir Nikolenko, Anatoliy Gushchin, Irina Pulina, Anatoliy Kot, Serafima Nizovskaya, Nikolay Shraiber
Misha, Aleksandra Kushnir's son, is two years old. This is the time of Aleksandra’s being on maternity leave. Now she's a happy mother, Boris's wife. Yet, mindlessly loving her family, oftener and oftener Aleksandra feels restless without her job. Solving the most difficult cases every day and nursing the child at the same time is an impossible task, even for an experienced investigator. And yet, Aleksandra is ready to take a chance. Kushnir is not aware that when she returns to her past life, she will meet the one who she had hoped has remained there forever...