Operation Muhabbat

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Type: TV series
Genre: war drama
Year of production: 2017
Directed by: Oleg Fomin
Written by: Ilya Avramenko, Andrey Zhitkov, Pavel Gelman, Aleksey Sidorov, Andrey Ivashkin feat Evgeniya Vagina
Cast: Ilya Malakov, Sergey Strelnikov, Aglaya Tarasova, Sergey Puskepalis, Julia Pogrebinska (Scott), Denis Nikiforov, Aleksandr Lazarev Jr., Maksim Lagashkin, Natalia Antonova, Polina Lazareva, Dmitriy Marianov
1985. Dmitri is a last year cadet at a prestigious military high school and the son of an adviser to the General Secretary of the Communist Party. He persuades his father to promote his posting to Afghanistan, allegedly "for a future career", but in fact it is really to meet his love, Ania, who had previously emigrated to the United States. There, in Afghanistan, the young people become objects of a secret intelligence operation codenamed "Muhabbat," which, in Farsi, means "love."