Fare on the Meter

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Type: TV series
Genre: criminal drama
Year of production: 2014
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Кirill Kapitsa
Written by: Andrey Zhitkov, Mikhail Trofimenko, Pavel Gelman, Mikhail Bobrovnik, Vladimir Kukovyakin
Production designer: Leonid Karpov
Director of photography: Vasiliy Borodin
Music by: Oles’ Korovnichenko
Cast: Aleksey Komashko, Elena Martynenko, Elena Rufanova, Gennadiy Menshikov, Andrey Babenko
Taxi driver Pavel Krasavchenko’s day has started badly. After his wife tells him she is filing for divorce, he finds his first customer of the day, Shusha dead in his flat. A few months ago, Shusha, who it turns out, was a tough gangster, along with his buddy Kostia the “Skewer” had robbed some security guards who were delivering money to a bank and now, Shusha was to dispose of the stolen diamonds. But Skewer had his own plans for the loot, which did not include his accomplice. Pavel, after a long wait outside his client’s house and still no sign of Shusha, goes in to investigate only to find that the gangster has been murdered. The taxi driver immediately calls the police and gives them the required evidence only to discover later that the stolen diamonds are in the trunk of his taxi. To force Pavel to return the diamonds, the gangsters kidnap Pavel’s daughter. However, when hurrying to deliver the diamonds Pavel is stopped for speeding, the arresting officers, on finding the diamonds, decide to dispose of the driver and keep the jewels for themselves. By some miracle, Pavel manages to escape, but will he be able to rescue his daughter? Can this ordinary taxi driver carry out his plan and break the evil chain of events that have caught him in their web?