We'll Talk When You Get Back

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Type: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2015
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Alina Chebotareva
Written by: Irina Kashnitskaya, Kseniya Osadchenko
Production designer: Petr Koryagin
Director of photography: Vasiliy Sikachinskiy
Music by: Roman Dudchik
Cast: Petr Krasilov, Natalia Lukeicheva, Anastasia Zadorozhnaya, Mikhail Khimichev, Elena Drobysheva, Andrey Fedinchik
All passengers on board a commercial airliner are killed when the plane crashes. The husbands of two different women, Nadia and Elena, are supposed to be among the deceased, but by sheer coincidence, both husbands had the same name, Ivan Tikhonov. When the grieving women find out that one of their husbands had got off the fateful plane just before takeoff, they are lit with a glimmer of hope. But whose husband was it, and where is he? Tied by the same tragedy and mutual hope, Nadia and Alena begin their search. Their hearts become aflutter every time they discover new details. After all, finding one of the Ivans means having to bury the other. In their desperate search, both young women will find out their husbands’ secrets as well as discover the truth why one of them suddenly got off the plane at the last moment.