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Type: TV series
Year of production: 2019
Directed by: Eduard Parri
Written by: Maksim Belozor
Production designer: Olga Sokolova
Director of photography: Illya Melikhov
Music by: Anton Silaev
Cast: Evgeniy Mironov, Natalia Vdovina, Mikhail Shvedov, Agrippina Steklova, Ruslan German, Aleksandr Robak, Vladimir Ilyin, Aleksandr Novin, Yana Sekste, Anastasiya Stezhko
Pavel Mokhov gets into a car accident after which he finds his life to have been torn into two parallel realities: in one of them, his son Kirill has survived the car crash, while in the other his wife Svetlana. Every morning, on waking up, Pavel finds himself alternately, one day in the reality where his son has survived, and another in the reality with his wife has. Both realities are so convincing that in the course of the film Pavel as if lives two lives. In each of them, he tries to find out who or what was behind the accident in order to try to bring the two realities together. And, simultaneously, to rehabilitate himself in his son’s esteem and return the love of his wife: to restore relationship with his dearest people, to whom he often preferred his work before.