Requiem for a Witness

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Type: TV series
Genre: psychological detective
Year of production: 2008
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Vladimir Kraynev
Written by: Oleg Prikhod'ko
Production designer: Anatoliy Pidoprigora
Director of photography: Yuriy Garmash
Music by: Mikhail Alekseev
Producers: Aleksey Goncharenko , Vlad Riashyn
Premiere: 14/11/2009 (Russia)
Cast: Andrey Il’in, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Karina Razumovskaya, Tatyana Kolganova, Igor Nikolaev, Aleksey Vertinskiy, Natalia Vas’ko, Viktor Saraykin, Ol’ga Kogut, Anna Rasstal’naya, Vladimir Osadchiy
Leading surgeon Vladimir Pershin is at the top of his field. Nicknamed ‘Mozart’ by his colleagues after his love of the composer, Pershin even performs surgery to Mozart’s music with astonishing results.

However, ‘Mozart’s’ charmed life is about to change when he is seized by armed men, taken to an isolated spot in the countryside and forced to operate on Graf, a local mafia leader. Fortunately the surgery is successful, and ‘Mozart’ is taken to Devil’s Lake, home of the gang’s headquarters, where he is told he will be kept against his will. Although ‘Mozart’ eventually manages to escape, on his return home he finds an envelope containing money and a letter of thanks from Graf. Somehow ‘Mozart’ cannot shake off the unsettling feeling that he is being watched.

When his wife suddenly dies in tragic and mysterious circumstances, ‘Mozart’ becomes the main suspect in her murder, and his own investigation leads him back to the cottage where he was imprisoned.