Nearest and Dearest

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Type: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2008
Duration: 236x44 minutes
Directed by: Igor Shkurin, Vladimir Doschuk, Oleg Maslennikov
Written by: Svetlana Sazanova
Production designer: Gennadiy Makhonin
Directors of photography: Vladimir Solioniy, Mikhail Muratkin
Music by: Evgeniy Zaytsev
Producers: Valentin Opalev , Vlad Ryashin
Premiere: 28/01/2008 (Russia)
Cast: Nikolay Dobrynin, Lyubov Rudenko, Inga Strelkova-Oboldina, Boris Nevzorov, Marina Orlova, Anna Miklosh, Andrey Lebedinskiy, Roman Pakhomov, Irina Efremova, Daniil Vorobiov, Andrey Bilanov, Andrey Novikov, Dmitriy Mazurov, Igor Golovin, Nadezhda Karateva
Sisters Olga and Ann get acquainted with a handsome man Alexander and, as usual, fall in love with him both. But the life is too complicated and Olga, despite her love to Alex, has to turn him down to her older sister Ann. Alex cannot forget Olga even after the wedding with Ann and it turns out as usual that Olga is pregnant. Olga asks Alex to choose and he chooses calm life with a woman, whom he doesn’t love. When he finds out that Ann is barrenness, he asks Olga to give her baby to them. She is treated like a surrogate mother. Alex is married only for his business. Olga is waiting for the baby as she hopes to have good and strong relations with Alex. After all she tries to get her baby back. But Sasha doesn’t allow her that is why two sisters become foes.

This is the story about strangers who can be really close to you and relatives who can hate each other. This story is about selfish people and about that fact that a piece of the churchyard fits everybody.
This is a love story. It shows us what we can do for love, how much does it cost and how can we change our lives for it.