Rival in Love,The

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Type: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2009
Number of episodes: 12
Directed by: Vladimir Yanochshuk
Written by: Aleksandr Scherbakov
Production designer: Irina Gergel'
Director of photography: Pavel Nebera U.g.c.
Composers: Pavel Krakhmaliov, Igor' Mel'nichyuk
Producers: Viktor Prikhod'ko , Vlad Riashyn
Premiere: 06/07/2009 (Ukraine)
Cast: Tatyana Kolganova, Grigoriy Antipenko, Vitaliy Linetskiy, Aleksey Shevchenkov, Lyubov Tikhomirova, Ekaterina Nikitina, Konstantin Strel'nikov, Anna Ukolova
An outwardly happy family hides a dark secret in this tense thriller. Although the husband loves his wife, he cannot help betraying her with his casual affairs, however, his recent infidelity proves to be his last when a strange and mysterious woman gradually tricks her way into his life.

When he refuses to make her his permanent mistress, she starts pursuing him and embarks on a mission of revenge against him and his innocent family with devastating consequences.