Mother's Heart, А

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Type: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2019
Number of episodes: 24
Directed by: Aleksandr Itygilov
Written by: Evgeniya Vagina, Alan Khurumov, Olga Zhabina, Alena Kuptsova
Production designer: Viktor Dontsov
Director of photography: Andrey Polivanuy-Bukhtiarov
Cast: Olesya Fattakhova, Artem Alekseev, Aleksandr Nagrudniy, Ilya Alekseev, Lyudmila Zagorskaya, Fedor Lavrov, Alla Maslennikova, Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Daria Tregubova
Nothing holds Assia Demidova to her native village anymore: her mother, the last person who was dear to her, has recently died, leaving Assia completely alone. However, the girl has a dream of becoming a famous fashion designer, but she cannot enter the college because of a mistake in her matriculation certificate. Consequently Assia misses the deadline for submitting her entry paper and so, instead, she gets a job at a garment factory in one of the lowest positions which do not require any work experience. It is not long, however, before her diligence, industry and talents are noticed, and she is promoted.
Soon Assia attracts the attention of the new factory’s owner, Artiom Yermolaev. Their first encounter begins with a serious argument, but over time romance enters their relationship, culminating with a wedding. Alas, their happiness does not last long. A few years later, the car in which Assia, Artiom and their little daughter, Nadia are driving is attacked. Artiom is killed, while Nadia disappears without trace. Now Assia must find her daughter at any cost.