Casanova's Earring

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Type: TV series
Genre: lyrical comedy
Year of production: 2015
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Denis Eleonskiy
Written by: Alan Khurumov, Maria Vaksman
Production designer: Evgeniy Drabkin
Director of photography: Maksim Volokh
Music by: Aleksey Popov
Cast: Mikhail Pshenichniy, Sergey Marin, Lyudmila Svitova, Arina Lykova, Natalia Vysochanskaya, Angelina Stepanova, Svetlana Glazyrina, Egor Kutenkov, Dmitriy Petrushkov, Olga Gordeychuk, Anna Orsik, Aleksandr Krymov, Boris Hvoshnyanskiy
Znenia Kasatkin, a history teacher, has had no luck with women, until one day a magic artefact comes into his possession – Casanova’s Earring that helps its owner to get any woman he desires. Soon Znenia becomes the hero of every woman’s dream, and it is not long before he falls in love with the astoundingly beautiful Lika. However, as time passes, he realises that his chosen one is shallow and frivolous - not quite his version of the ideal woman. But disposing of Lika is not so easy because she is under the charms of Casanova’s Earring. At last Znenia manages to leave her when he understands that his real love has been close to him all this time without him realising. It is Marta, the girl whom Znenia has known for many years, but only as a friend. Znenia, however, does not want Marta to love him because of the magiс earring, and so he tries every which way to get rid of the artefact. But Casanova’s Earring does not wish to change its owner and master. It is only with the greatest difficulty that Znenia manages to get rid of the hated magic earring and find true happiness with Marta.