What Does Your Wife Do?

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Type: TV series
Genre: detective
Year of production: 2017
Number of episodes: 20
Directed by: Maksim Mekheda, Alina Chebotareva
Written by: Yana Dubinyanskaya, Evgeniy Grigorenko, Aleksey Lisovets
Production designer: Aleksandr Zaslavskiy
Directors of photography: Matvey Shulgin, Sergey Boyko, Konstantin Tereshkov
Cast: Anna Sluy, Kiril Zhandarov, Marina Ivanova, Nadezhda Kondratovskaya, Igor Rubashkin, Oksana Zhdanova, Aleksandr Zinovenko
What is a loving woman is capable of? More than you can imagine!
In order to save her beloved husband, investigator Igor Loginov, from dismissal, Lera Loginova decides to help him with his investigation of several complex and intricate crimes. Knowing that he would disapprove of her intervention, however, she acts in total secrecy, using all kinds of subterfuge to pass to him the information he needs as she gathers it. Igor's bosses, suspecting nothing of course, are impressed and are in no doubt that it is he, Investigator Loginov, who solves the crimes so brilliantly. But how does Lera, artist and amateur that she is, manage to be always one step ahead of the professionals? The answer is simple - due to her profession and her female intuition, Lera sees things that other people, guided by traditional methods of investigation, do not pay attention to. So, might she one day succeed in becoming a super-detective? And, if so, what will her husband’s reaction be when he learns about it? And how will her mother-in-law, who worships her son, behave in this situation?