Oriental Sweets

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Type: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2016
Number of episodes: 24
Directed by: Denis Eleonskiy
Written by: Elizaveta Tikhonova, Maria Shulgina
Production designer: Larisa Zhilko
Director of photography: Vadim Savitskiy
Cast: Evgenia Loza, Adnan Koç, Yakov Kucherevskiy, Anna Varpakhovskaya, Olga Atanasova, Natalia Klenina, Valeriy Legin, Senay Bag, Aliye Uzunatagan, Engin Ozsayin, Ugur Hakan Guneri, Sibel Darya Yuzhad, Dilber Hussain, Abdullah Erkam Aydar, Muge Bucak
After ten years of marriage, Tatiana's family life (Yevgeniya Loza) has fallen far short of the expectations that she had on her wedding day. Igor (Yakov Kucherevsky), who seemed to have so much promise, turned out to be mean and miserly, and their attempts to have children have come to nothing. Still with hopes of parenthood, the couple decide to go to Istanbul for a consultation with a world-famous fertility specialist, Dr. Kemal (Adnan Koç). After only a few weeks, Tatiana finally sees two long-expected lines on the pregnancy test strip. However, she soon realizes that the father of her future baby is not her husband.....