Oriental Sweets (Year 2)

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Type: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2018
Number of episodes: 24
Directed by: Denis Eleonskiy
Written by: Maria Shulgina, Elizaveta Tikhonova
Production designer: Vadim Shinkarev
Director of photography: Vadim Savitskiy
Cast: Evgenia Loza, Adnan Koç, Senay Bag, Yakov Kucherevskiy, Anna Varpakhovskaya, Olga Atanasova, Ugur Hakan Guneri, Engin Ozsayin, Aliye Uzunatagan, Sibel Darya Yuzhad, Abdullah Erkam Aydar, Muge Bucak, Nilay Bag, Bogdan Yusipchuk, Lisa Shakira, Polina Vasilina, Timur Ibraimov, Natalia Klenina
The love story does not end with the final credits... And it does not end even with an event capable of ruining everything. The love of our heroes was so strong that it became even more interesting, even more exciting, intriguing and only gained new momentum! How now the heroes are supposed to live on, knowing that the biological father of Tatiana and Kemal’s son is Igor? Will Kemal be able to accept this and recognize the boy as his own? What will Igor do? How to establish the communication between the father and the son and who, after all, is boy’s real father??! These difficult life questions will find their answers in Season 2 of “Oriental Sweets”, and the viewers will make sure that life is the best screenwriter and Big Love always wins!