Pandora's Box

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Type: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2012
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Anatoliy Grigor'ev
Written by: Alina Semeryakova
Production designer: Zhanna Khar'kova
Director of photography: Sergey Lylov
Music by: Daniil Udelevich
Premiere: 25/02/2012 on Russia 1 (Russia), 15/04/2012, on Inter (Ukraine)
Cast: Dmitriy Pevtsov, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Viktoria Isakova, Karina Razumovskaya, Daniil Pevtsov, Ol'ga Volkova, Konstantin Milovanov
The Larionovs are an average family who have had more than their fair share of troubles. Vsevolod Larionov is a pediatrician who has worked in a boarding school for five years together with his wife Anna. His eldest daughter, Vera works as an oncologist and lives with her husband Dima and nine-year old son, Aliosha. His youngest daughter, Natasha is an equestrian sportswoman and works as a hypnotherapist. While Vsevolod’s daughters are a credit to him, his son is a real disappointment. Irresponsible and unemployed, Maksim funds his gambling habit through his relationships with rich women.

After the death of Anna, Maksim persuades Aliosha to retrieve a box from his grandfather’s office, which Maksim believes to contain the family’s jewels. However, the family is thrown into turmoil when the true contents of the box are revealed and are left wondering whether the rift between them can ever be repaired.