Spies Must Die. The Crimea

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Type: TV series
Genre: military detective story
Year of production: 2008
Number of episodes: 8
Directed by: Anna Gres'
Written by: Mark Gres'
Production designer: Larisa Zhilko
Director of photography: Maksim Stepanov
Music by: Sergey Pilutikov
Premiere: 15/06/2009 (Russia), 10/11/2008 (Ukraine)
Cast: Denis Nikiforov, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Al'bert Filozov, Aleksandr Oleshko, Leonid Gromov, Maksim Drozd, Aleksey Shevchenko, Anna Astrakhantseva, Viktor Perevalov, Dmitriy Persin
Autumn 1944. Even though the Red Army is at the Reich’s door, Germany is refusing to accept defeat, and their only hope of victory is to physically eliminate the Allied leaders. In October, Senior Lieutenant Koshkin is killed in a skirmish with border troops officers during an identity check at the Kagul border railway station. But before he dies, he manages to tell the SMERSH Colonel that he is an enemy saboteur heading for a meeting with a German agent at a safe-house. His confession prompts immediate action by Russian Counter-Intelligence as General Polunochenko reports the emergency to General Headquarters in Moscow. A Commissioner arrives from Moscow and informs General Polunochenko that Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill are scheduled to meet in Yalta in early 1945. It becomes clear that a subversive military group is trying to wreck the Allies’ negotiations. Soviet Counter-Intelligence deploys a SMERSH Major to make the meeting at the safe-house in Koshkin’s place, and so begins a thorough investigation with severe and far-reaching consequences.