Spies Must Die. Snake in the Grass

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Type: TV series
Genre: military detective story
Year of production: 2012
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Eduard Pal'mov
Written by: Eduard Pal'mov
Production designer: Gennadiy Popov
Director of photography: Denis Svoyak
Music by: Vladimir Kripak
Cast: Il'ya Shakunov, Oleg Morozov, Denis Burgazliev, Elena Dudina, Anna Dyukova, Yakov Shamshin, Mikhail Vas'kov, Yana Sobolevskaya
NKIn an intelligence training centre, a group of spies are being trained for a mission in occupied Poland. Each man has his own reason for serving the enemy; some work for the Nazis voluntarily, some wish to infiltrate the other side, while others use the cooperation with the Germans to their own advantage.

Six men are sent into territory to destroy an important strategic bridge near the city of Zhytomir, the main route for enemy's military machinery and munitions to the frontline, and the destruction of which would guarantee the isolation of the oponents before their offensive. Captain Aleksandr Galimov and his assistant Jr. Lt. Liubov Lipindkaya are charged with boosting morale among the troops and preventing any potential rebellion. However, even working at home, they find themselves struggling against army bureaucracy, military secrets, dissidence and their own conscience.

While the rebels’ plans lack order and strategy due to their differing backgrounds and motivation they nevertheless get close to completing their mission, which not only costs the SMERSH officers a victory but ensures a German embarrassment.