Quiet Hunting

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Type: TV series
Genre: criminal drama
Year of production: 2014
Number of episodes: 30
Directed by: Vladimir Shteryanov, Sergey Artimovich
Written by: Robert Rovnik, Vladimir Kukovyakin, Sergey Kuz'minykh, Aleksandr Gorobets
Production designers: Igor Tryshkov, Andrey Pochaev
Directors of photography: Aleksandr Aleshnikov, Sergey Pavlenko
Music by: Sergey Skripnikov
Cast: Maksim Drozd, Pavel Barshak, Vladimir Sterzhakov, Anna Zaytseva, Pavel Trubiner, Mikhail Dzhanibekyan, Aleksandr Tyutin Aleksandr Tcurkan, Elena Radevich, Maksim Emelyanov
The work of Division 13 of the Criminal Investigation Department deals with pickpocketing and petty theft, a highly specialized and challenging area involving the utmost care and attention to detail. The officers in the division are known in the profession as ‘the quiet ones', because their work, while precise and laborious, always appears low profile and inconspicuous.

There are countless ways of stealing things, and “dippers”, “pickpockets”, “bulks” and other "specialists" come under the “quiet ones” jurisdiction. The criminal world is a reflection of the society in which it operates, and as society improves and tightens up its security measures, so the criminals adapt and improve their 'skills' accordingly.
It is not enough to identify the villain, however, the police also need to catch him, ideally red-handed, so that judges and prosecutors are left in no doubt about the culprit's guilt and can thus dispense justice quickly and bring the trial to a swift and sure conclusion.

The plot of each episode is inspired by real life events.