Blast From The Past

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Type: TV series
Genre: detective story
Year of production: 2014
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Andrey Ivanov
Written by: Igor Ter-Karapetov, Alan Khurumov, Maria Vaksman
Production designer: Ksenia Pakhotina
Director of photography: Maksim Volokh
Music by: Vladimir Kripak
Cast: Vsevolod Tsurilo, Sergey Gorobchenko, Anastasia Mikulchina, Viktor Melikhov, Gennadiy Vengerov, Oksana Skakun, Leonid Voron, Vasiliy Shchipitsyn, Evgeniy Savchuk
Nikolai Kovaler, a retired Special Forces Major, is now living his life as a successful businessman. His cloudless existence is interrupted when there is an attempt on his life that seems to be connected with his past. As Nikolai unwinds the intricate tangle of circumstances, it becomes apparent that his old sworn enemy, crime boss Mykhas, is out to get him and his loyal companion Rimma. Kovalev begins searching for Mykhas. Rimma, an old friend who used to be in love with him, joins his search and proves to be very useful. Overcoming countless obstacles by using a whole arsenal of tricks and skills of the Special Forces, the combat duo draws closer to finding the crime boss’s hideout. But along the way, they are also faced with questions like: When does one overstep acceptable boundaries? What is the price of victory? And what to do about the love that hits them again like a blast from the past?