Injury Leave

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Type: TV series
Genre: criminal drama
Year of production: 2014
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Kirill Kapitsa
Written by: Aleksandr Paygalik
Production designer: Leonid Karpov
Director of photography: Vasiliy Borodin
Music by: Oles’ Korovnichenko
Cast: Igor Lifanov, Aleksandr Nikiforov, Irina Sotikova, Sergey Murzin, Yulia Zorkina, Igor Kluchnikov, Oksana Bazilevich
A successful hostage rescue operation leaves Major Artiom Govorov, the commander of a special force unit, wounded. After undergoing a course of treatment in hospital, he is discharged and decides to use the 10-day leave due to him, to return home and convalesce. There, at his seaside hometown, his only relative, cousin Nikolay, works as a headmaster at the local school. While Nikolay is at work, Artiom befriends his neighbor Svetlana, helping her around the house. On the day when the Major is about to return to duty, Svetlana confides in him that her daughter, Vika didn’t come home last night. Although this could be down to normal teenage behaviour, Svetlana has a bad feeling about her daughter’s disappearance, so Gvorov decides to stay in town and help his new friend. And as it turns out, Vika is in real danger after witnessing a showdown between rival gangs.