Attackers. The Last Fight

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Type: TV series
Genre: military drama
Year of production: 2015
Number of episodes: 12
Directed by: Zinoviy Roizman
Written by: Yuriy Korotkov, Georgiy Golovenkin, Aleksandr Vusokovskiy, Leonid Porokhnya feat Zinoviy Roizman
Production designer: Vadim Afanas'ev
Director of photography: Vitaliy Konevtsov
Music by: Evgeniy Shiryaev
Cast: Dmitriy Dyuzhev, Maria Andreeva, Albert Avanesyan, Dmitriy Slinkin, Anastasia Vvedenskaya, Anton Semkin, Valentin Kasian, Aleksey Demidov, Denis Konstantinov
Colonel Bestuzhev has an assignment to support the Soviet offensive by forming an air regiment equipped with the newest Yak-3 fighter aircrafts. He gathers his old companions-in-arms, top graduates of air force academies, to form one powerful regiment of fighter pilots, warring side by side with their bold and beautiful female colleagues. They have a challenging task ahead of them - to uncover intricate German defense plans under the enigmatic code name “Pandora’s box”. Amidst fierce air combat, a squadron of French pilots joins the Soviets. But a brave pilot can withstand the hardships of war and even find true love...