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Type: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2018
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Alina Chebotaryova
Written by: Rіnat Gilfanov feat Leonora Pashchenko and Denis Kudryavtsev
Production designer: Viktoria Bigunova
Director of photography: Konstantin Vorobyov
Cast: Anna Miklosh, Aleksandr Nikitin, Igor Rubashkin
She was trying to escape from desperate circumstances beyond her control, from unforeseen misfortunes, and from herself - without even a hope that one day she may meet someone who would embrace her, support her and whisper gently in her ear, "You're my dearest fugitive..."
36-year-old Anna is a senior doctor with the highest qualifications. One day, after witnessing an attempted murder, she was forced to run away - fast, taking her two children with her. There was no time to take money, belongings or even IDs. A car accident that caused a shoulder injury to her son eventually brings Anna to a small provincial town, where she finds a job as a nurse at the local hospital.
What influences will her new colleagues have on Anna and the life of her family? Will she succeed in resisting the evil criminal who is pursuing her? And, finally, will that very Mr. Right ever appear in her life?