Under Military Law (Year 4)

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Type: TV series
Genre: war-time drama
Year of production: 2019
Number of episodes: 8
Directed by: Sergey Vinogradov
Written by: Aleksey Timoshkin
Production designer: Vladislav Travinskiy
Director of photography: Illya Melikhov
Cast: Ekaterina Klimova, Evgeniy Volovenko
May 1945. Rokotov, Yelagina and Fedorenko, together with the troops of the Third Belorussian Front, has reached East Prussia. The brown plague of fascism that the hordes of the Nazis carried with them has been defeated. Victory Day found our heroes in a small German town near Koenigsberg. But all hopes for a peaceful life will have to be put aside. The areas of East Prussia continue to remain the front-line, with small groups of German soldiers breaking through in the south and west directions now and then. In cities, the Red Army has not found understanding among the local population. Rokotov, Yelagina and Petty Officer Fedorenko will have to jointly tackle both minor domestic problems and complex and intricate criminal cases. Our heroes will again meet with SMERSH Major Victor Zvyaginov. And due to well-coordinated joint actions, they will expose a network of agents recruited by British intelligence to conduct an operation codenamed "Unthinkable."