Destiny's Choice

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Type: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2015
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Alik Budennuy
Written by: Alla Zagorodnya
Production designer: Pavel Yarmusevich
Director of photography: Aleksandr Sedov
Music by: Vladimir Kripak
Cast: Tatiana Kazantseva, Ilya Shakunov, Yuriy Dyak, Mikhail Zhonin, Natalia Vas'ko, Boris Barskiy, Dmitriy Surzhikov, Irina Melnik, Dmitriy Bazay, Inna Miroshnichenko, Nikolay Butkovskiy
Ksenia, a restaurant singer, gets married to a military psychologist, who is shortly afterwards sent to a "hot spot" war zone. Ksenia is left all alone and pregnant, when her husband's brother kicks her out onto the street without any documents or ID. She has a premature delivery and, with the help of a backstreet doctor, gives birth to three baby girls. However, Ksenia herself dies during labour. Twenty years later, under strange circumstances, the father is destined to meet his daughters that he didn’t even know existed...