Life After Life

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Type: TV series
Genre: drama with elements of paranormal
Number of episodes: 16
Directed by: Mikhail Vasserbaum, Ramil Sabitov
Written by: Leonid Kuprido, Andrey Chivurin, Aleksandr Kushnarenko, Valentin Ivanov
Music by: Sergey Skripnikov
Cast: Aleksandr Robak, Pavel Trubiner, Anatoliy Kot, Aleksandra Ursuliak, Vadim Andreyev, Anton Kukushkin, Olga Volkova, Ilya Iosifov, Alesia Pukhovaya, Dmitriy Frid, Vladimir Sterzhakov, Georgiy Martirosyan
Yuri Mazurov and Sergei Vorobyov are lifelong childhood friends who own a successful business together. Together they had overcome many challenges, but even their old friendship is shattered when greed comes into play. Eager to take over Sergey's share of the company, Yuri decides to kill his partner. But Sergey, a true fighter to the last, will not part with his life so easily. Finding himself in Heaven, he talks the Heavenly Administrator into sending him back to Earth. Sergey needs to protect his pregnant girlfriend Sveta, a minority shareholder of the company, and he knows that Mazurov will stop at nothing to get her share. He returns to Earth in the body of Khorkov, victim of an unsuccessful suicide attempt. For the next forty days, Sergey does everything to protect his girlfriend, at the same time living a short but very eventful and exciting life.