Yuriy Minzyanov

Chief producer

Yuriy was born on the 29th of March 1956 in Kazan.
He graduated from the All-Russian State Cinematography Institute, director department.
All his carrier is permanently connected with television and film production: TV channel “Megapol”, Broadcasting company “1+1 Studio”, “Central Partnership”, “Film.UA” Now Yuriy deals with his favorite business in “Star Media”. Yuriy was producing such projects as “Games of mature girls”, “Tradesmen”, “Dead, Alive, Dangerous”, “Oper Kryuk”, “Blood Sisters”, “The Mad Woman”, “Spies must die!” and others. Yuriy brought up a son – Dmitriy Minzyanov, line producer at Star Media.
Yuriy adores his cat Bambas.