Vitaliy Bordachev


Born on the 21 of April 1968.


1989-1993 – Higher Specialized Drama College M.S. Schepkin. Specialization: cinema and theatre actor.

1996-1998 – Institute of Advanced Training in the Sphere of Cinematography, Author’s Cinema Department – directors’ workshop of N. Burlyayev and B. Plotnikov. Specialization: director of author’s cinema.

1997 – Probation under the supervision of the director K. Zanussi (Poland), feature film “The Brother of Our God”


-Theatre: “Profitable Place” – director V. Baylies, “The Tzar Peter and Aleksey” – director V. Baylies, Theatre Malyy – actor. “Waiting for GODO” – director H. Lee, Theatre “HORI” (South Corea) – actor. “Luboff” of I. Novikov, “Studio ‘Hyperborea’” – producer - Film actor: “Casino” S. Samsonov, “Sweet AP” O. Fomin, “Our American Borya” B. Bushmelev, “General” I. Nikolayev, “The ABC of Love” I. Fridberg, “The Queen Margo” A. Muratov, “ The Countess de Monsoro” V. Popkov, “The crusader” M. Tumanashvili, “On the Corner Near Patriarshiye 3” V. Derbenev, “The Traumatologist’s Wedding Dress” A. Kolmogorov, “Airport 2” A. Zamyatin. Producer:

1995 – Independent Producer: project “They Are Giving Birth Again in Moscow”, script writer I. Fridberg.

2001-2003 “Studio “Hyperborea” – director-general, producer.

2002 – feature film “Snow Leopard”, “Studio “Hyperborea” in coopration with “Kyrgyzfilm” - director-general, producer.

2003-2004 – “B.S.Graphics” – producer. Documentary “Armenia. A territory of Eternity”. Director, producer. Musical clips: “Snowfalls” V. Tokarev, “Clouds” O. Chinarov – producer.

2004 “Fathion week”, “ARTES” – executive producer. Air-show “Flying Legends” in Monino – producer and director.

2005 Director of the Moscow representative office of the Sverdlov Cinema Studio. Feature film “Angels Don’t Have Wings”, “Sverdlov Cinema Studio”, “Cinema Company “COUNTRY” – producer.

2005-2006 “Film Company “TELESTO” – production director, executive producer. Projects: “The Traumatologist’s Wedding Dress” A. Kolmogorov, “The Colour of the Sky” N. Belyauskeni, “Men Can Do Everything” A. Samoylenko, “A Letter” M. Zhivov.

2006 “Megapolis film production” - director-general, producer. “A Second before…” A. Kolmogorov, “Dance” E. Lavrentyev, “Varenka” E. Urazbayev – producer.

2007 Star Media - producer