Vlad Riashyn

General Producer of Star Media

Member of the Russian Academy of Television,

Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Television,

Member of the Ukrainian Film Academy,

Member of the Association of Producers of Ukraine,

Member of the Association of Film and Television Producers of Russia,

Member of the Producers Guild of Russia,

Member of Russia Animated Film Association (RAFA),

Member of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (EMMY).


Vlad Ryashin was born on 12th July 1970 in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

He has been working in the television industry since 1991 (successful as author, producer and host).

From 2001 though 2006 – President of the Board of the TV channel Inter (Ukraine).

From 2006 though 2013 - СЕО for Star Media.

Presently, Star Media is one of the largest producers and holders of rights to the television content in the Russian Federation and CIS, with No. 1 position in Ukraine and one of the TOP-3 positions in Russia.

Star Media produces the content in the following genres: theatrical movies, television series, docudramas, animation, telenovelas, formats.

Vlad Ryashin has produced over 300 feature films and series, animated cycles, documentaries, TV shows and musicals the rights to which are acquired by television channels in Eastern and Western Europe, China, Japan, USA, Israel, Middle East and other countries and regions.

Vlad Ryashin has been nominee and contender for international awards in the domains of cinema and television. Winner of the TEFI-2014 and Media Manager of Russia – 2014 awards.

Producer works by Vlad Ryashin have won or been nominated at international festivals or for international awards such as AFI (USA), the Monte-Carlo Television Festival (Monaco), WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (USA), Seoul International Drama Awards (South Korea), the International Festival Bar (Montenegro), TEFI Awards (Russia), “The Golden Eagle” (Russia), “Kinoshock” (Russia), “Spirit of Fire” (Russia), the “Golden Chest” (Bulgaria), “Listapad” (Belarus), TV and Cinema Forum “Together” (Ukraine), the “Teletriumph” Award (Ukraine),  the FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia) Award, the Yuri Ozerov Wartime Film Festival (Russia), the “Golden Knight” International Film Festival (Russia), the Youth Film Festival “Reflection” (Russia), and many others.

 Selected films produced by Vlad Ryashin (by year of production):

2017 - TV series "Sorge", TV series "Operation Muhabbat", TV series "Secrets and Lies", full length theatrical feature film “The Strayed", TV series "Ancestral Land", TV series "Polyakova's Method"

2016 - TV series "Mata Hari", TV series "Detective Anna", TV series "Oriental Sweets", TV series "Maestro", TV series "I Love My Husband", docudrama "The Decembrists", TV series "Under Correction", animated movie "Hood's Mad Animals"

2015 - docudrama "Kronstadt 1921", TV series "The Cult", TV series "Attackers. The Last Fight", TV series "Officers’ Wives", full length theatrical feature film “The Dawns Here are Quiet!” (directed by Renat Davletyarov), TV series "Under Military Law", et al.

2014 - TV series "Sun of The Wolf",  TV series "The Cop-2", docudrama "Lermontov", docudrama "World War I", et al.

2013 - TV series "The Attackers",  TV series "Maryina Roshcha",  TV series "Love for Love", docudrama "Napoleonic Wars in Russia", docudrama "The Romanovs"

2012 – TV series “Anna German”, “Hunting the Gauleiter”, “Spies Must Die. The Fox Hole”, “Spies Must Die. Snake in the Grass”, “Freud's Method”, “The Bucket Squad”, “Three Days in the Life of Lt. Kravtsov”, “The District Police Officer”, TV movie “The Millionaire”, docudrama “Titanic” (premiered on Channel One Russia) et al.

2011 – TV series “Once upon a Time in Odessa”, “Trouble in Store”, “Island of the Unwanted”, “The Woodman”, “Caravan Hunters”, “Pick-Up”, “Fury”, , TV movies, “Two Tickets to Venice”, docudrama “Open Space” (premiered on Channel One Russia), TV show “Go Dance!” (two seasons broadcast on Inter (Ukraine)) et al.

2010 – full length theatrical feature film “The Weather Station” (directed by Johnny O’Reilly), TV series “Demons”, “Kotovskiy”, “Brother for Brother”, “Nano-Love”, “In the Forests and Mountains”, “Brothers-2”, “Sky on Fire”, “Yefrosinya”, TV movies “The Grass under Snow”, “Smile when Stars are Crying”, “Anti-Sniper” (parts 3 & 4), documentary “Vlad Galkin. Hard to be a Hero”, docudrama “The Great Patriotic War” et al.

2009 – full length theatrical feature film “O, Luckyman!” (directed by Eduard Parri), TV series “The River Wide”, “Brothers”, “Northern Wind”, “Spies Must Die. Crimea”, “Two Sides of Ana”, telenovela “Hot Ice”, TV movie “Under Strange Circumstances” et al.

2008 – TV series “Save Our Souls”, TV movies “Anti-Sniper” (parts 1&2), “Time to Be Happy”, “Teacher-in-Law”, “Downsizing the Family” et al.

2007 – TV series “Strange Mysteries”, “Spies Must Die”, “One Second Until…”, telenovela “The Guardian Angel”, TV movie “Extraterrestrial”, animated cycle “The History of the Russian State” (TV Centre, Russia), et al.

2006 – TV movies “The Untouchable Professor”, “Strange Christmas”, TV series “Code 202”, telenovelas “Blood Sisters”, “Romance in the City”, et al.

2005 – TV movies “Your Meal, Sir”, “Hunting the Shadow”, “Dead. Alive. Dangerous”, “Lady-Bankers” et al.

2004 – musicals “The Sorochyntsi Fair”and “The Twelve Chairs”, TV feature film “Joker”, et al.

2003 – musicals “Snow Queen”, “Figaro”, “After Two Hares”, TV feature film “Woman’s Intuition”, TV series “European Convoy”, et al.

2002 – musical “Cinderella”.

2001 – musical “Evenings on a Farm Near the Dikanka”.