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Type: TV project
Genre: TV show
Year of production: 2011
Number of episodes: 33
Written by: Svetlana Kozyreva
Executive Producer: Tatyana Kienko
Producers: Daria Legoni-Fialko , Vlad Riashyn
The world is full of secrets. Why do tankers not sink? How bicyclist sportsmen pee? How do friction ridges appear on the fingertips? And, at last, how do hedgehogs propagate?! “Galileo” knows the answers to all these questions! And the most important thing is that “Galileo’s” answers are maximum simple and understandable, no matter how tricky and difficult the questions are!

If you have gaps in school education, “Galileo” will surely help you. Chemistry and physics courses in our presentation will be interesting to all, with no exception, be it a poor student or, a housewife or an academician. And one cannot charge “Galileo” with profanation of science! Because we explain complex scientific matters in a language plain and understandable to anyone – in the language of humor and good mood!
It’s not for nothing that scientific secrets daily are daily revealed to us by Yuri Karpov, our modest host, straight A and gold medal student, graduate of the Suvovov Military School and the Krivoy Rog Technical University.